Garth D. Rosenberg, MD

“My primary focus as a vascular surgeon is treating patients with venous disease. As a national leader in vein care, I bring my patients the most advanced treatments available. Exciting technological changes have led to very effective and durable results, enabling my patients to benefit tremendously.”

  - Dr. Rosenberg

Until recently, venous disease was an area of medicine that had not received the attention it required, so Dr.
Rosenberg is thrilled that accurate diagnosis and treatment now generate highly effective, durable results.


“I find it rewarding to help so many patients with the pain, aching or swelling that often accompany larger varicose veins,” says Dr. Rosenberg. ”My patients feel so much better, and are free from the long-term medical conditions involving skin changes and ulceration that otherwise might occur.”

Dr. Rosenberg is pleased that these symptoms of venous disease can easily be resolved with painless, office-based minimally invasive methods. In addition, his patients - who may have been self-conscious about their varicose veins or spider veins, and take great care to hide them from view - can once again show their legs without concern.

College: University of Michigan 1975-1979

Medical School: Case Western Reserve 1979-1983

Residency: Medical College of Virginia 1983-1988

Vascular Fellowship: Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation 1988-1989

Endovascular Fellowship: Arizona Heart Hospital 2000

Organizations and Societies: 
American College of Phlebology (Board Certified 2008)
Eastern Vascular Society 
Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery 
Fellow, American College of Surgeons 
Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society

See Dr. Rosenberg's full curriculum vitae here