Turn Back the Clock with Dermal Fillers Like Juvederm

As we age, our skin changes, but Juvederm and other dermal fillers can restore a younger appearance. Youthful skin is rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid. Over time, this natural volume begins to diminish and facial wrinkles and folds form. But with dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse, you don’t have to just sit back and let it happen!

How does Juvederm work?

Both of these dermal fillers are medications made of naturally occurring substances in your body that help to add volume and hydration. We place Juvederm under the skin to instantly restore your skin's volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, like your "smile lines" or "parentheses" (nasolabial folds – the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Dermal fillers like Juvederm are also effective in treating hands, enhancing lips, and adding lost volume to temples and cheeks.

Treatment benefits from dermal fillers like Juvederm, and others can be seen immediately and are long lasting but not permanent. Fillers work from beneath the skin to lift and smooth away lines and restore your skin’s appearance. Radiesse, for example, has been shown to stimulate your own natural collagen.

The length of time a treatment maintains its effect is very individual and depends on many factors such as your age, life-style and muscle activity. Commonly, fillers can be effective for 6 months or more. Radiesse generally lasts one year. Most patients have a follow-up treatment 6 to 12 months after the initial treatment of facial wrinkles, smile lines, and folds.

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