Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy

This is an in office treatment used to improve the look of "spider veins" – tiny purple and red veins on the surface of the skin. Using a micro-needle, a special medication is injected into the unsightly vessels causing them to close and ultimately fade and disappear. There is minimal to no discomfort with this treatment and no downtime.

How are treatments for spider veins performed?

Since spider veins are more superficial and smaller in diameter, the treatments are less invasive. Sclerotherapy is performed with a tiny 32 gauge needle used to inject a safe solution into the spider veins that will cause them to collapse, shrink and disappear. Sclerotherapy is the most effective treatment option for spider veins.

How much experience does CVL have in treating spider veins?

We have been treating varicose and spider veins for over 20 years. We treat thousands of patients annually. Both Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. McNeill are board certified in Phlebology and have been a member of the American Society of Phlebology since its inception. We stay abreast of the latest techniques and advancements in treatments. Our specialty is veins. Our knowledge & experience are unsurpassed.

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*Results may vary