VNUS Closure Procedure

Q: I feel a pulling or tightness along the inner thigh. Is this normal after my VNUS Closure?

A: Yes, pulling or tightness is commonly reported by patients after undergoing the Closure Procedure. We see this especially in patients with larger saphenous veins. The Closure procedure uses thermal energy to heat the incompetent vein leading the vein to shrink both circumferentially and longitudinally. The shrinkage, which is a short term phenomenon, leads to the feeling of tightness or pulling. It is fine to continue normal activity. This feeling with dissipate within a few weeks.


Q: Is it normal to feel numbness along the inner leg after the Closure Procedure?

A: Yes. There are small sensory nerves that may become slightly bruised during the procedure. The numbness will resolve, but may linger a few weeks as these nerves recover.


Q: Is it common to have mild tenderness where the doctor put my IV in the leg?

A: Yes, the site where the doctor placed the small IV undergoes a brief healing period, and as this occurs, you may feel a smalll thickening of the tissue and a small lump. This will all resolve very soon.


Micro-phlebecomy Procedure

Q: My leg has swelling right above the top of the support hose. Is this normal?

A: Yes, the local anesthesia that was placed at the time of the procedure can be pushed upward by the leg bandaging, and this bulge is usually just the excess local anesthesia that your body will absorb within a day or so.


Q: Is it normal to feel some lumpiness and thickening along the leg where the veins were removed?

A: Yes, the normal tissue response to any surgery, even as minimal as microphlebectomy, is to form early scar tissue internally. Furthermore, the space in the leg where the veins used to occupy is now filled with your serum, which promotes healing. The thickening you are feeling is entirely normal and will dissipate as the healing progresses. It will resolve completely in time.