Forms for CVL Varicose & Spider Vein Patients

Capitol Vein & Laser Centers wants all vein patients to have a safe, positive experience. If you are a new or current patient, please review the forms below. In addition to the information provided by our physicians, nurses, and staff, these documents will help you better prepare for your visit. Consent forms will need to be completed prior to your varicose or spider vein procedure. Forms are also available in Spanish.

Vein Patient Forms

Vein Patient Forms For Spanish Speakers

  • Forma De Registro De Paciente
  • Forma de historia de medicamento para pacientes nuevos
  • Forma de historia de salúd para pacientes nuevos
  • Aviso de Prácticas de Privacidad y Poliza Financiera de Capitol Vein & Laser
  • Póliza de Cita Perdida or Cancelada
  • VNUS Closure – “Que Se Puede Esperar” 
  • VNUS Closure - Instrucciones Posoperativas
  • Microflebectomia – “Que Se Puede Esperar”
  • Microflebectomia - Instrucciones Posoperativas
  • Escleroterapia –  “Que Se Puede Esperar”
  • Escleroterapia - Instrucciones Posoperativas
  • Forma De Consentimiento:
    • VNUS Closure
    • Microflebectomia
    • Escleroterapia