Breast Veins

There are several reasons why veins appear in the breasts.   Genetics, hormones, pregnancy, age and breast surgeries can each play a role.

Visible blue veins on the breasts are typically harmless to your health; however their appearance can affect your self-confidence. 

Breast Veins occurring with age and hormones

Some women may develop blue veins on the breasts at a very young age.  This can be related to your genetic makeup.  Larger surface veins may be a trait that you have inherited from your parents.   Thin, transparent skin with a light complexion can add to the visibility of these veins.   Hormonal changes such as puberty and pregnancy will increase the size of your breasts, further increasing the size and visibility of veins on your breasts and chest. 

Breast Veins with breast surgeries

Breast veins can also appear after breast surgery. Breast augmentation with implants commonly leads to more pronounced breast veins.  In fact a recent study involving 97 consecutive breast augmentation cases reported that over 95% of the women surveyed did recognize an increase in visible (prominent) breast veins.

With breasts that are higher, fuller and younger looking, many women seek answers to minimize the enlarged veins on their breasts and chest.

Other procedures such as breast lifts and breast reductions can also cause  veins in these areas to become more pronounced.  Overall weight gain can contribute to enlarged unattractive surface veins as well.

Sclerotherapy: An Effective Solution for Breast Veins from Your Doctor 

Embarrassing veins on the breasts are easily and effectively treated in the office using sclerotherapy.    Sclerotherapy is a quick and painless treatment using a tiny needle to inject a solution into the unsightly veins.  The solution will safely close off the veins that are bothersome, without harming the essential circulation in your body. The treated breast veins will reduce in size over time, eventually being safely absorbed into the body and no longer visible.

Sclerotherapy performed on breast veins may require several injections to effectively treat the unwanted veins.  The number and size of your veins will  determine the number of treatments that may be required for the perfect outcome.   We offer complimentary consultations, during which we will assess your vein issues and develop/ discuss a treatment plan to restore your breasts’ best look.