Unsightly Hand Veins

Premature aging of the hands is an aesthetic issue for many women.  Constant sun exposure, inadequate sun protection, and the general loss of normal tissue turgor as we age lead to discoloration, age spots, and prominent hand veins.

Women take great care in maintaining a youthful face and often consider IPL, botox and filler to look their best. The hands, however, are frequently neglected.

We have found that our patients are very excited about hand rejuvenation. Sclerotherapy, just as we perform on leg veins, can be easily done in the hand to allow your unsightly veins to shrink and be absorbed.  The procedure is generally very tolerable and causes very little discomfort. As with the legs, several weeks are needed to allow these veins to resolve. Some larger hand veins can also be treated with phlebectomy (vein extraction), which is done under local anesthesia in the office with immediate return to normal activity. Both procedures require a brief period of compression and may be associated with some temporary bruising.

Filler, such as Radiesse or Restylane, can also be placed in the back of the hand for rejuvenation and this will help mask the prominent tendons and ligaments that appear with age.

You should be aware that large unsightly hand veins pose no medical risk and they will not bleed or clot if left alone. We only consider treatment of these veins if the patient specifically requests a cosmetic improvement in the hand appearance.  There is also no medical consequence to not having these veins.

Women with prominent age spots on the back of the hand can greatly benefit from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This treatment uses a light source to improve the health and appearance of the pigmentation and give a more uniform appearance to the skin of the hands.




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