CVL’s Registered Vascular Lab Technologists

Our Registered Vascular Laboratory Technologists (RVTs) have over 45 years of combined experience, each of them specializing in Vascular Ultrasound.  As opposed to general ultrasound technologists, our vascular trained and certified techs have extensive experience and insight into imaging both arteries and veins throughout the body.

Venous interventions are based on patients' symptoms, physical findings, and results of duplex ultrasonography. The detail provided by an accurate duplex scan is invaluable in assiting us determine the best treatment for our patients.

RVTs require continuing education credits to maintain certification, so there is an ongoing effort to ensure proficiency. They are proficienct in diagnosing both arterial disease, such as aortic aneurysms, carotid artery narrowing and lower extreminy arterial disease. WIth respect to veins, the RVTs are expert at helping diagnose deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and venous insufficiency.

Our RVTs have spent many years with us and are quite familiar with the various procedures we utilize to treat venous insufficiency. As a result, they are very good at educating patients about venous reflux and they all take extra time to show interested patients the duplex images.


Pictured from Left to Right: Fran, Max, Richelle & Debbie.
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