Facial Spider Veins


   Spider veins can be frustrating, especially when they appear on your nose and cheeks. The causes of facial spider veins are generally heredity, hormones, and free radicals, like sun exposure and smoke.

   Though they pose no health threats, facial spider veins can cause anxiety since they are not easy to hide. Treatment for facial spider veins can be completed in office with minimal side effects.

   Tiny veins are treated with VeinWave, a device that applies heat to these vessels, leading your body to absorb them. Occasionally a repeat treatment is needed for best results.

   Slightly larger veins on the nose can be treated well with sclerotherapy. This involves using a tiny needle to inject a special medication into the veins, leading your body to shrink and eventually absorb them. The only aftercare necessary is to avoid strong sun exposure by using an effective sun screen.

   To reduce your risk of developing facial spider veins, take care of your face by applying an SPF appropriate sunscreen when you're going to be outdoors, even during winter months. As heredity plays a role in your facial veins, we cannot change the likelihood of developing new vessels, but we can effectively treat what is currently present.