Veinwave and VeinGogh Treatment for Spider Veins

Capitol Vein & Laser Centers offers both Veinwave and VeinGogh treatment to help improve the health and appearance spider veins on the nose, cheeks, thighs, calves, ankles and knees. We perform these procedures at our offices in Frederick, Bethesda, Charles Town, and Leesburg.


How does Veinwave work?

Spider veins - also known as telangiectasia - are unsightly webs of tiny red, blue or purple veins that appear just below the surface of the skin. Veinwave uses a technology known as thermo-coagulation: finely-focused microwaves are applied directly to the affected area, which causes the vein walls to collapse. The spider veins disappear immediately. Veinwave is safe, effective, and warrants amazing results.

What about sclerotherapy?

Veinwave has its biggest impact on fine veins of the face. Sclerotherapy is typically the preferred treatment for spider veins in legs. However, Veinwave can be used as an alternate treatment on the legs for areas that are not responding well to sclerotherapy. As a combination therapy, Veinwave is the perfect complement to sclerotherapy. With the ability to perform the procedure at any of our offices in Frederick, Bethesda, Charles Town, or Leesburg, Capitol Vein & Laser offers one of the region's largest range of treatment options for spider veins including light-guided sclerotherapy and Veinwave.

Veinwave is fast and involves almost no discomfort.

Veinwave is fast enough to be done on a lunch break, and involves only a slight pinching sensation. There is no risk of long-term scarring. How is this possible? Veinwave's ultra-fine, insulated probe permits a highly targeted treatment to spider veins that won't irritate the surrounding skin. Within minutes after the session, you can resume your everyday activities without bandages.


Capitol Vein & Laser Centers also offers VeinGogh, an alternative treatment for spider veins that uses the same technology for treating spider veins as Veinwave. Like Veinwave, VeinGogh uses thermo-coagulation to collapse vein walls and cause them to disappear. It is effective on all skin types. Neither VeinGogh nor Veinwave affects the surrounding skin surface, so you can receive treatment for your spider veins and return to your daily activities immediately.