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At Capitol Vein and Laser, we are proud of our patients's successes. Each person we have served has a unique story. Here are a few testimonials we're happy to share...


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Dr. McNeill talks with his patient immediately after her varicose vein treatment

Dr. McNeill speaks with his patient immediately following her varicose vein treatment. This Maryland nurse has had varicose veins for 20 years and went through vein stripping over a decade ago.

How I feel after my Varicose Vein treatment at Capitol Vein and Laser

Patient experiencing numbness in foot and lower leg, yellowing skin of the leg and aching and heaviness describes how differently he feels since his VNUS Closure treatment.

Capitol Vein and Laser Center in Charles Town, WV, utilizing the Venefit treatment

What do patients think about Dr. Garth Rosenberg at Capitol Vein & Laser? See what this Charles Town, WV patient has to say about her treatment experience.

Written Testimonials

"What a positive experience at Dr. McNeill's office! The VNUS Closure procedure was so relaxing and all of my questions were answered. My legs had gotten very bad with bulging veins and tired, aching feeling. I feel like a NEW WOMAN with young legs now!!! I was awake during the procedure and able to drive myself home, which was very convenient. Summer time here I come!!"

- B.S.
Middletown, MD

"When I first came to CVL, my legs were discolored and had many ugly veins that worsened with each pregnancy. With little hope, I finally decided to come in for a consultation. CVL has worked wonders through phlebectomy and sclerotherapy treatments. I am so grateful to have normal legs now. I am fast approaching 60, but my legs look younger and better than they did when I was 40! Thank you, Dr. Rosenberg and Nurse Marcia!"

- J.S.
Frederick, MD

"Dr. McNeill, I am so grateful for your services! I knew my legs were painful and unattractive, but I didn't realize how bad they were until I had my treatments with you. My workouts have vastly improved and being on my feet for eight to ten hours a day, the aching and heaviness no longer consumes me. Thank you for improving my legs, activity level and overall confidence!"

- J.B.
Bethesda, MD

"The procedure was exactly how Dr. McNeill explained. The staff at CVL was wonderful. My legs are in better shape than they have been in years. I no longer have the achiness and tiredness that I had before the VNUS Closure and am looking forward to a varicose vein free summer!"

- S.B.
Adamstown, MD

"I have had the best experience here! I just love everyone. They are absolutely wonderful. My VNUS Closures and 'deveining' have been easy and pain free. I will miss everyone!"

- S.W.
Rocky Ridge, MD

"My legs feel amazing! After teaching all day for nine hours, I can still go shopping with my daughter! Before the VNUS Closure treatment, I would have never have been able to do that because of the pain, swelling and heaviness. I am thrilled with the results!"

- S.G.
Frederick, MD

"I did not realize how much pain I had in my right leg until I felt the difference after the VNUS Closure treatment. I am now pain free! I spent 12 hours on my feet at Hershey Park recently and my legs felt great! Thank you Dr. Rosenberg."

- S.G.
Westminster, MD

"Dr. McNeill: Thanks so much for my excellent care I received with my recent varicose vein procedure. I considered my situation to be minor compared to others, but it was bothersome to me, so I am glad I took action. Your entire staff is extremely professional and friendly. I have referred a friend to your care. Thanks so much!"

- L.F.
Hagerstown, MD

"I recently went to my doctor regarding the 'jitteriness' in my legs. I cannot sit still and, through the nights, I am continuously waking due to an overwhelming need to move my legs. I was told this is called Restless Leg Syndrome. My doctor recommended going to a sleep center, but sent me to Capitol Vein & Laser first for further testing. Dr. Rosenberg looked at my legs and recommended sclerotherapy to eliminate veins and discoloration on the bottom of my legs. Neither of us was really sure if it would make a difference, but I desperately wanted a solution and decided to go for it. After three treatments with sclerotherapy, I feel like a new woman. I can sit at dinner with my husband and not continually shake my legs. I can sleep through the night for the first time in years. Yes, my legs look much better, but more importantly I can now relax without the constant leg movement that my Restless Leg Syndrome was causing."

- M.H.
Frederick, MD

"My leg and veins had bothered me for years. If I had known about the VNUS Closure Procedure, I would have done it years ago. Thanks Capitol Vein & Laser Centers."

- M.W.
Middleburg, VA

"Early in my life, I had varicose vein surgery and the operation and recovery were long and painful. The procedures done at CVL are so much better and your life is not interrupted at all. I am impressed with the efficiency in your office and the skill at which the surgeries are performed. I am very pleased with the results. My legs no longer feel as heavy or tired. I would highly recommend your Center to anyone with varicose veins and encourage them to be evaluated and treated by CVL."

- K.C.
Thurmont, MD

"This is my third phlebectomy after three VNUS closures. I would recommend these procedures to anyone with any varicose vein issues. I feel better than I have in 25 years. At the age of 21, my mother purchased support hose for me for my birthday. I wore them always. I just finished my last procedure and am so pleased. When I stand up in the morning, I no longer have that filling of my ankles with fluid that I had experienced daily. I dreaded getting up. I have more energy and can stand longer without always looking for a seat. My last procedure was a removal of a dysfunctional vein from my ankle to my upper thigh. I took Tylenol & Ibuprofen only during the recovery period. Anyone who suffers with any vein issues in their legs should consider these procedures. I am so pleased with my care."

- C.F.
Jefferson, MD

"From the moment I scheduled my appointment at Capitol Vein & Laser Centers, I had positive experiences. The entire team was warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Even the décor was pleasant, inviting, and relaxing. Although I had sclerotherapy with a dermatologist in previous years, the procedures were extremely costly and did little to change the appearance of my legs. However, the sclerotherapy that Dr. McNeill suggested and Debbie performed was phenomenal. With minimal discomfort and reasonable cost, my legs have not looked this good in over 30 years!
 Because I was so impressed with the sclerotherapy, I opted for Botox injections to reduce the crow's feet near my eyes. Again, the results were amazing! I have told friends about the wonderful results that I received at Capitol Vein & Laser Centers and I know that I will be returning for other services in the future."

- D.R.
Mt. Airy, MD

"Dr. McNeill: Thank you so much for your expert care and skill. I feel very fortunate to be the beneficiary of your fine tuned surgeon hands; plus, you're a great guy and a real artist. Thanks for giving me back my confidence. Please extend my thank you to your adorable and efficient office staff. I will see you soon."

- E.C.
Hedgesville, WV

"It took three years to diagnose my legs. I went to several doctors and the PCP recommended CVL, where it was diagnosed as a vein problem. Before, I had pain, swelling, and achiness. After the procedure I had remarkable improvement in one week since the right VNUS Closure. I can finally sleep through the night. I would highly recommend this to others and I can't wait to get my other leg done. Anyone even thinking about it should do it!"

- M.B.
Rohrersville, MD

"Never wait to tell your doctor your symptoms. I waited about a year and a half and I was in so much pain. I would cry every night with pain so bad. I'd have to sit on the side of bed, then prop my leg. Never was there any release from pain. After I had the VNUS closure by Dr. McNeill, my pain was gone. Thanks so much Dr. McNeill and your staff."

- R.J.
Walkersville, MD

"I have been troubled and miserable with leg cramps for over 20 years … cramps so painful that they would awaken me throughout the night. I have seen many doctors over the years, including the best at Johns Hopkins. I was evaluated for back problems, pinched nerves, and every other thing. Ultimately, no diagnosis was ever given and I was managed for years with strong pain medication.
 Just this year, I decided to see Dr. Rosenberg in one last effort to achieve relief. Testing was done and revealed some vein circulation problems. Dr. Rosenberg treated my unhealthy veins with the VNUS closure procedure. I could not believe how quick it was and there was no pain during or after the procedure. It was like nothing happened at all! Since the treatments, I am happy to say I have not experienced one single leg cramp and have not needed any of the pain medication I have been taking for years! I am now able to fully enjoy my passion for gardening. Thank you Dr. Rosenberg and Capitol Vein & Laser Center."

- U.S.
Charles Town, WV

"I only wish I had done the procedure earlier. It was fast and convenient. It only took a short while. I have noticed that my leg looks so much better. I don't have the burning and heaviness in my legs. I will recommend it to anyone that needs it."

- L.A.
Frederick, MD

"After the VNUS Closure, the very next day my pain was gone. It was like the difference between night and day. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from varicose veins, swelling, and/or pain in their legs."

- C.S.
Smithsburg, MD

"I didn't realize the extent of chronic pain I had with my varicose veins. After the procedures I couldn't believe that I was pain free! Both my legs feel the same and look great! Thank you!"

- S.J.
Adamstown, MD

"Before evaluation and treatment of the varicose veins in my right leg by VNUS Closure and microphlebectomy, I had experienced swelling, pain, and bulging and unsightly veins. Now a few months after treatment, I no longer have any of these symptoms. My leg looks and feels so much better … the care I received was excelled and the recovery was minimal. Thank you again for all you and your staff did to make my life so much better."

- K.P.
Thurmont, MD

"For many years, I have watched certain conditions in my legs worsen as I aged and like many, I was not aware that I should seek medical care. It took the words of my dermatologist: 'I think you should visit with a vascular physician to consult about a possible VNUS Closure, plus eliminating the visible large protruding vein on your right leg and the numerous spider veins around your ankles. By taking steps now you could prevent more extreme problems in the future. Our daughter had had a very good experience with Dr. McNeill and his staff. I was also impressed with a previous consultation with Dr. McNeill in which he advised conservative measures for my case. Before any treatment, I appreciated the time the doctor took in sharing the diagnosis and what the future treatments might entail. Also, the DVD and the written materials handed out were most helpful. There were no big surprises during all the procedures. It was such a pleasure to be around the staff as they worked together on my legs. Now the swelling is GONE! According to the sonogram, my venous blood flow is staying in the vessels. This has to be a healthy improvement. The extra dancing and exercise that I can now do has improved my life. Any comment about your office and staff would have to be on a high positive note. Relaxed, cheerful staff and clean, lovely, soothing surroundings add to my appreciation of your service. The fountain is an extra touch."

- B.C.
Silver Spring, MD

"I was at an appointment with my primary care physician and mentioned that I was having some discomfort with a vein on my upper calf. He suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. McNeill, which I did the next day. I liked the convenience of the location of your office in Bethesda, as it is only five minutes from my house. I found the staff to be very helpful and courteous in arranging an appointment. My first visit, I had a scan done on both of my legs and was given the results at that time, which I thought was great not to have to wait for a phone call or another visit to see if there was a problem and how to proceed. Dr. McNeill was thorough in his explanation of what needed to be done and how. The DVD also gave me more information.
I made an appointment for the first procedure – a VNUS Closure. The only discomfort was the numbing process since I have such a low tolerance for pain. After that, I had no pain or discomfort through the procedure and recovery period. I thought I might have discomfort after going home, but I was pleasantly surprised that there was none to speak of. I must compliment Dr. McNeill and his nurse for putting me at ease during the procedures and visits. Often times, doctors and nurses tend to be very business-like, do what they need to and say goodbye. All in all, my experience was good and I recommend Dr. McNeill and Capitol Vein & Laser Centers to anyone having vein problems."

- M.G.
Bethesda, MD

"I will be ever so grateful to you for all you have done for me. Saving my life and now setting me free. I love you so much."

- J.C.

"I learned about Capitol Vein & Laser Centers from a former patient. I also attended a talk your office presented that I had seen advertised in a local newspaper. My first treatment was for varicose veins in my calf that had progressed over several years. Although they were not painful, they were quite severe and required a VNUS Closure and two microphlebectomies. The treatment was successful. A few years later, varicose veins in my thighs were diagnosed. The treatment was a VNUS closure and one week later a microphlebectomy. Ten days later, I was playing softball. The office staff was very accommodating with scheduling appointments and followed up procedures with timely phone calls. I have referred people (and will continue to refer others) to your office to consider early treatment and VNUS Closure of varicose veins. I have been very pleased with the outcome of each of my procedures."

- M.S.
Monrovia, MD

"I am writing to let you know how grateful I am to you for giving me the opportunity to exercise again. Before I had the VNUS closure and the removal procedure of my veins, my legs were so sore after I exercised that I stopped going to the gym. As a result, I gained weight and mentally was unhappy.
On a visit to my dermatologist, I asked her what I could do to fix my legs and she highly recommended you. I immediately made an appointment with your office and after my consultation with you decided that this was the right procedure for me.
After only four days, I was back to the gym and have been exercising for a few months. I feel great and my legs look great. I even get compliments on them from fellow classmates at the gym.
I was really nervous when I got to your office for the procedure and your staff made me feel so comfortable that after the first procedure I was looking forward to the next visit. I have both legs done now and am so glad that I did."

- M.J.Z.
Damascus, MD

"I was nervous that VNUS Closure would be painful. I actually had to ask Dr. Rosenberg when the procedure was over. I did not feel a thing. Dr. Rosenberg, the office staff, and the nurses are very friendly … answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable."

- K.E.
Leesburg, VA

"I had varicose veins in my thigh that were sometimes painful, sometimes not. My wife encouraged me to make an appointment with Dr. McNeill. I had a VNUS Closure, which made my varicose veins smaller, but two years later, the veins began getting larger again. The VNUS Closure had been successful and Dr. McNeill recommended a microphlebectomy for the remaining veins. Five days later, I was playing softball again! I have referred people and will continue to do so. I encourage my friends and family to consider early treatment of their varicose veins. I have been very pleased with the outcome of each of my procedures."

- M.S.
Jefferson, MD

"I am writing you this letter to express my total satisfaction with the vein surgery that was performed on both of my legs [VNUS Closure and microphlebectomy of both legs]. Thanks to your medical and surgical procedures, I am now able to perform my job more comfortably, as I am on my feet eight hours a day working in the shipping and receiving department of a large pharmaceuticals company. Again, I thank you for all your help in providing surgical relief to the discomfort in my legs and improving my overall health."

- Michael B.

"Capitol Vein Laser Center has been a very good experience. All care is taken to keep the patient as comfortable and free from pain as possible. The excruciating inner upper thigh spasms I have experienced for several years have disappeared and for that I am truly thankful. The procedures [VNUS Closure and microphlebectomy] have been so very worthwhile. Thank you."

- Colleen S.

"Upon waking this morning, I felt a little apprehensive about my procedure. After calling a friend whom Dr. McNeill performed this same procedure on last week, I felt somewhat at ease, but not completely. I then decided to watch the DVD. The DVD was a great tool, along with the reading material provided, to help me visualize the procedure. Walking into the procedure room, I could feel all was going to be fine. Dr. McNeill and Brittney were calming, friendly, knowledgeable and able to answer questions and concerns I was still having. A very relaxing, casual atmosphere. During the VNUS Closure procedure, I was able to feel very cold spray and small pinches. Before I knew it, Dr. McNeill was finished and all was wrapped up quickly, efficiently and professionally. I hope the outcome is as refreshing as the procedure. God Bless."

- Sheryl I.

"I had vein stripping done on both legs ten years ago and I'm still carrying the scars. It was such a bad experience and a long recovery that I had decided I would just live with the ugly, painful varicose veins that returned. Then I heard about Capitol Vein & Laser Centers and I consulted with Dr. McNeill. Having VNUS Closure was easy and Dr. McNeill and his staff were great. Now, my legs look and feel better than I ever thought they could, and I'm pain-free for the first time in years. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Dr. McNeill!"

- Tammy S.
Frederick, MD

"I had vein stripping done on both legs ten years ago and I'm still carrying the scars. It was such a bad experience and a long recovery that I had decided I would just live with the ugly, painful varicose veins that returned. Then I heard about Capitol Vein & Laser Centers and I consulted with Dr. McNeill. Having VNUS Closure was easy and Dr. McNeill and his staff were great. Now, my legs look and feel better than I ever thought they could, and I'm pain-free for the first time in years. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Dr. McNeill!"

- Vicky F.

"Nineteen years ago, I had my left leg surgically stripped and was in the hospital for a week, wrapped and bandaged, then off my feet for another three weeks. But with the VNUS Closure procedure, I experienced no pain afterwards. I found that amazing in comparison with my previous experience. I had no scarring. It's absolutely incredible. I'm looking forward to wearing a skirt this summer."

- Connie K.

"The procedure was nearly painless. I walked out of the office and went Christmas shopping the next day. Most dramatically, my lower leg stopped swelling even after a full day on my feet. Now about twelve weeks later, the skin discolorations and vein protrusions have almost vanished and the hair has grown back where before there was none. I can hardly tell that I ever had a vein problem."

- Brad G.

"My leg and veins had bothered me for years. If I had known about the VNUS Closure Procedure, I would have done it years ago! Thanks Capitol Vein & Laser Centers!"

- Michael A.

"I only wish I had done the procedure earlier. It was fast and convenient. It only took a short while in the doctor's office. I have noticed that my legs look so much better. I don't have the burning or heaviness in my legs. I will recommend it to anyone that needs it."

- Linda A.

"After the closure, the very next day my pain was gone. It was like the difference between night and day. I really recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from varicose veins, swelling  in their legs."


- Chris S.

"I didn't realize the extent of chronic pain I had with my varicose veins. After the procedures, I couldn't believe that I was pain free! Both my legs feel the same and look great! Thank you!"


- Shelia J.
Winchester, VA

"I was absolutely amazed at how much lighter my legs felt immediately after my first VNUS Closure. I had both legs done and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Thank you!"


- Molly H.
Charles Town, MD

"I am a retired US Army officer with 36 years service. My legs have always been important to me and have performed magnificently through high school and college football, and many years as a paratrooper including two combat tours in Vietnam. My vascular problem became serious a few years ago when I developed stasis dermatitis in both my feet. They were red, swollen, and some of the veins on my lower leg were dilated and looked terrible. I was advised to wear compression stockings, which provided comfort to my legs, and I continue to wear them. My dermatologist became concerned with the looks of my varicose veins and the blood pooling in my feet. He recommended I make an appointment. Your program is wonderful. My major veins in both legs were treated with the VNUS Closure procedure. My bulging varicose veins were treated with injection. The procedure and recovery experience was not what I expected: minimal pain during procedures, quick recovery, and fantastic results. My legs feel and look great! Your work has made a difference in my life. Too bad that VNUS closure and varicose vein care is not well known. I applaud your work in physician education to promote knowledge and understanding about vein disease and care."

- A.D.
Falls Church, VA

I had my varicose veins on both legs treated by Dr. Rosenberg. The procedure was quick and easy and covered by my insurance and I was able to drive myself home. Everyone at the office was very friendly and made  me feel I was well cared for. Thank you so much Capitol Vein & Laser.


- S.D.
Leesburg, VA

A big shout out to Dr. Garth Rosenberg -- if you want your varicose veins gone as quickly and easily as possible, he is your guy! The in-office procedure is simple and quick with local anesthesia, you can drive yourself home, and you can do vigorous exercise again just 4-5 days later. Insurance completely covered it. My leg is totally pain-free now and looks SO much better! Thank you, Dr. Rosenberg and team! I never should have waited so long to do this.


- K.E.
Leesburg, Virginia

“ Amazing office!!! Dr. Rosenberg is wonderful, and all office staff are courteous, friendly, and fun! ” Dr. Rosenberg is patient and thorough and provides excellent individualized care of his patients. You truly feel important in his office. I am so thankful to have found him as a physician and have enjoyed each of my visits here.


- Joanna R.
Winchester, VA

I came to see Dr. Rosenberg because I had some aching in my leg and one of my veins looked strange. After doing the ultrasound, Dr. Rosenberg explained the problem with my leg and advised on a treatment to close the vein. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff answered all of my questions. Everyone that I have spoken with at CVL has been very professional and helpful. The vein closure procedure was fast and not painful, just a little uncomfortable as expected. My leg healed very quickly and I didn't have to take any pain medication. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg and will be coming back for another procedure in the fall.


- Dinora S.
Leesburg, Virginia

My experience has been wonderful at CVL and I highly recommend for vein surgery. Great C/S, customer service, payments. Wonderful!.

This being my first experience I was very happy and will come back or recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his CVL highly. Thank you very much!


- Pamela F.
Frederick, MD


"Dear Dr. McNeill,

Just a note to thank you and your staff for the excellent TLC you gave me.  You were wonderful with my husband and you now have me.  I was made so comfortable mentally and physically by everyone.  I have so much to live for and you are a large part of helping me do that.  My deepest gratitude.  Rita"

- Rita M.
Frederick, MD

"Dear Dr. McNeill,

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  It was nice and easy and I appreciate how kind you are.  Sincerely, Anna"

- Anna R.
Bethesda, MD

"Dear Dr. McNeill and staff,

Thanks for making me feel so special!  Hugs to you all!   Sandy"

- Sandy S.
Hagerstown, MD

"Very satisfied with everything.  The staff has been wonderful, especially front desk!  Thank you, Sheila"

- Sheila K
Bethesda, MD

"Since my procedure, I notice that I have no pain or ache after stading for a long time.  All staff are exgtremely kind, professional and helpful.  I have recommended Dr. McNeill to others with vein problems."

- Peter D.
Bethesda, MD

"Dr. McNeill and his team took extra care of me.  The procedure was through and easy with no complications.  I got a check up call the next morning.  It was so seamless that my sisters are all considering the procedure!  Also, I had majot scheduling challenges, mainly becuase I work overseas.  Dr. McNeill's office went gthe extra mile to schedule the procedure ata a convenient time, with a strong focus on safety.  Many thanks Dr. McNeill!  Grace"

- Grace M.
Bethesda, MD


"Dr. McNeill is great!  He takes his time with you, explains treatments to the fullest and shows concern for your well being.  The nurses and front desk are the most helpful and understanding staff of any medical office I have seen.  Thanks to all.  M.C."

- MaryAnne C.
Frederick, MD

" I was nervous that VNUS would be painful.  I actually had to ask Dr. Rosenberg when the procedure was over.  I did not feel a thing.  Dr. Rosenberg, the office staff and nurses are very friendly, answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable.  Thank you!"

- Kathy E.
Charles Town, WV


Frederick, MD

" I have always had apleasant appointment each time I have been in your office.  Dr. McNeill is wonderful and makes me feel validated, yet has been straight forward with medical advice.  Shannon is wonderful as well.  She is kind and accomodating and down to earth.  A pleasure to be greeted by!  The nurses are hands on and patient.  Thank you all.  S.M."

- Sophie M.
Hagerstown, MD

"I'm always greeted by a smile.  Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are extremely competent and friendly.  They answer all of my questions and treat me like I'm their only patient.  I've had several treatments on my legs with no issues.  Dr. Rosenberg saved my life!  I would recommend this office to anyone."

- Susan H.
Leesburg, VA



"My experience with Dr. Paul McNeill and the whole staff at Capitol Vein & Laser Centers was excellent.  My legs feel and look much better.  Standing for an extended period no longer cuases pain, and now I can wear my bathing suit without feeling self-conscious.  I would certainly return to CVL if any need arises in the future."

- Joan I.
Bethesda, MD

"I wish I had done this years ago!  Virtually no pain, no down time, resumed regular activities right away.  Dr. Rosenberg was great and his office was awesome, pleasant and professional.  Would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his team."

- Catherine W.
Frederick, MD


- K.S
Frederick, MD

" I am so grateful that Dr. Rosenberg is now in Winchester.  I was unable to conveniently make it to his Charles Town office, so put off making an appointment.  Now he is conveniently located and his staff are so wonderful!  The treatments were easy and fast and my legs already feel better!  I cant wait to have my spider veins taken care of too.  Thank you!"

- Maureen F.

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