Treating Varicose Veins with the ClariVein® Technique

Treatment of varicose veins is based on getting rid of the source of reflux, and ClariVein is one of several therapeutic options available at our offices in Frederick, Maryland; Bethesda, Maryland; Charles Town, West Virginia; and Leesburg, Virginia.

Varicose veins often occur in the legs due to failure of the saphenous vein's one-way valve system; the failure causes reflux. Elevated pressure along the veins in the lower leg causes surface veins to bulge, with associated pain, swelling, fatigue, restless legs, and eventually non-healing sores near the ankle.

ClariVein is done in the office, using only a tiny amount of local anesthesia. Through a small IV in the leg, a ClariVein device passes into the vein, combining sclerotherapy with manipulation of the interior of the vein. The procedure causes the varicose vein to close, getting rid of the elevated pressure in the lower leg varicose veins.

The ClariVein device is the size of a small wire. This wire rotates rapidly, disturbing the inner lining of the vein we intend to treat. Sclerotherapy medicine is then inserted through the wire into the injured vein causing the refluxing vein to contract and seal closed. Sclerotherapy has been used for decades to treat vein problems of all kinds.

The ClariVein procedure has no need for the use of tumescent anesthetic, which is needed to numb the target vein in heat-based reflux treatment. Patients will feel a slight "buzzing" in the thigh as the treatment progresses, but there is little discomfort.

Clinical Results for ClariVein

While there is not currently long term data on the effectiveness of the technique for treating varicose veins, results thus far may be comparable to established heat-based treatment devices (VNUS Closure and laser). Indications are that ClariVein may provide a safe, effective and lasting technique for the treatment of venous reflux. From a scientific standpoint, longer-term data is necessary to know if ClariVein will be accepted as an established alternative. Use of the technique by experienced vein doctors is growing across the country.

In our practice locations in Frederick, Bethesda, Charles Town, and Leesburg, ClariVein joins VNUS Closure as a treatment for venous reflux. Certain unique patient variables and vein characteristics make the physician's choice of one vein procedure better than another for you. Your physician is best able to discuss with you the optimal method of treatment. Drs. McNeill or Rosenberg will discuss the best option for your care.