VenaSeal: The New Painless Varicose

Vein Treatment 


The VenaSeal Procedure is a revolutionary new varicose vein treatment that allows us to treat patients with most minimally invasive treatment available. This medical grade "glue" is used to seal the refluxing saphenous vein, the common cause of varicose veins. VenaSeal was just FDA approved, and the data supporting at least medium term success is quite solid.

Using a small IV access site, we can slide a small catheter into the incompetent vein. Under ultrasound guidance, we then inject very small quantities of the "glue", which is actually a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive.

This medication leads to permanent closure and obliteration of the weak vein and help resolve lower leg varicose veins, and the associated symptoms of aching, heaviness, itching  and pain. Recovery is immediate.

While the most studied and successful treatment of saphenous vein reflux is the Closure Procedure, The VenaSeal system is an option to consider, though currently insurance reimbursement for VenaSeal is unavailable.

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